General Information

Lost & Found (on the Beach):

If you or your kids have left items of clothing, towels, or toys on the beach don't despair. Check with the beach attendants or Susan Burke (978-317-7877) and their Lost & Found Collection. You may just get lucky and the tides did not sweep your things away.


Clubhouse and Parking Lot Access:

Please note: the clubhouse and parking lot are not available
for private functions on holidays and holiday weekends.


To request access to the clubhouse and/or its parking lot complete and submit this form to the secretary of the Cornfield Point Association. The CPA secretary will call you to discuss availability and further details.

Please allow several days response time. If you want to use the clubhouse, you will be asked for a copy of your home owners insurance and a deposit of $100 which is returnable.

If your event is cancelled, we ask that you immediately call the secretary to allow others access to the facilities.


Keys to the Boat Ramp and the Tennis Court:

Keys may be obtained by mailing your request to Cornfield Point Association, 27 Town Beach Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 or dropping it into the lockbox in the Clubhouse door. Please mark your envelope: Key Request. Your note needs to contain the following information:

  1. your name,
  2. telephone number,
  3. local address, and
  4. if this a replacement key.

You must be a homeowner in Cornfield Point. There is a fee of $50 for your first key; the fee for a replacement key is $100. Check required with your application.




Kayaks and surfboards with CPA Registration Sticker may be stored short term in the new boat racks next to the boat launch ramp. Since there are more boats than slots on the racks, we ask that you act considerately to other members and remove your boat when away from the beach for more than a week. This is NOT a long term storage facility!

To obtain a CPA sticker for your boat complete this form and send it to Shaun Burke.

Kayaks without a sticker will be removed from the racks periodically and stored on the clubhouse grounds!


Golf Carts:

Golf carts are now legal in Old Saybrook, with certain requirements. CPA is no longer involved with registering them. To register your golf cart, contact the Old Saybrook Police Department at 395-3142.

Owners and operators of these vehicles need to be aware of the following when driving on public roads:

  1. Golf carts must be registered with the Town of Old Saybrook.
  2. Golf carts are considered motor vehicles by the police and must obey all trafic laws.
  3. Operators of golf carts must have a valid drivers licence; therefore,
    kids under the legal drivers age may not operate a golf cart.

Please drive carefully and be considerate of pedestrians and bicyclists!


Rubbish Pickup:

During fall, winter, and spring trash & recyclables will be collected on Mondays only. During the summer only trash will also be picked up on Thursdays. Please put out your bins the evening before since pick-up may occur as early as 6:00am in the morning. Place your bins close to the curb, wheels and handle facing back and the lid opening from the outside.

Check the holiday schedule on our Calendar page or on the website for All Waste, Inc.

Please note that yard waste is not acceptable in the trash or recycling bins. Yard waste should be brought to the town transfer station. This requires a sticker on your car as proof of residence in Old Saybrook. Free sticker available in OS Town Hall.

If the All Waste drivers notice yard waste, they will not pick up your bins.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


Single-Stream Recycling (from All Waste, Inc website):