September 17, 2022

Dear Association Members,

Its hard to believe that summer has ended already. We've had several hot temperatures, and the majority of fabulous beach days. Family and friends enjoyed gathering together for family and holiday events. Our 4th of July was one of the most attended weekends of the summer and the parade was the longest we've ever had. We cooked and served over 500 hot dogs and hamburgers. Another record number of kids participated on Field Day. Over 300 hot dogs were served.

It doesn't stop there! The C.P.A.Women's Auxiliary all volunteer, and are the heart and soul of all the events. They had one of the most profitable merchandise sale ever. Movie night on the beach, bingo night, and ice cream socials were also very popular. There are many people to thank for all the Cornfield Point residents who contribute their time and effort for the Association and its members.

The Board of Governors (B.O.G) are all volunteers who keep the budget fiscally sound and oversee the responsibility of our property and structures.(i.e.., beaches, clubhouse, etc.). There are so many residents that volunteer without being asked. Some examples include: Rit & Lindsey Paradis who allow their water to be used to clean the boat ramp, Joe & Cindy Baczewski who donate and care for the Palm Trees and flowers at Sandy Beach, and Dave Johnson who allows the electricity to show the movies. Other residents help with setting up and cooking at our cook outs. Teens volunteer on Field Day and the list goes on. Our B.O.G. and residents continually look to improve our lifestyle at Cornfield Point. The family values and community spirit make our Association stand out from any other Associations.

Some Reminders

  • All water crafts that are placed on the Kayak Racks and Paddle Boards MUST be removed no later than November 1st.
  • The second trash pickup on Thursday ended this week, and there will only be one pickup on Mondays.

On behalf on the Board of Governors, be safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing all of you next season.

Lew Perry - President - Cornfield Point Association